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I was born in 1987. Which puts me at 14 years old when Fast and Furious came out. A prime age for a kid who already had a love of cars to sit down in a movie theater, snack on my own extra-large tub of buttered popcorn and dream about the day I'd be living a life 10 seconds at a time. Well, in a way, this car show will fulfill my dreams. Register for free your imported tuner, classic unicorn, American muscle, or rare find and park it on the street. Each year gets better and better and we are excited to have you along for the ride. Don't skip the rules below. We want to have fun and do this year after year, not the next Ludacris music video so best behavior everyone!

Date: August 10th, 2019

Time: 4pm - 7pm (car registration at 3pm)

Location: S. 11th St., Lafayette, IN - between State St. and Kossuth St.

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Car show Location

610 South 11th Street
Lafayette, IN, 47905
United States



This event will be open to anyone of any age, so those in attendance must act like an upstanding citizen. Yes, I know for some of you, this will be difficult. Just try extra hard. With local ordinances, we will not be able to serve any alcohol or food as it will require a separate permit. But, you are welcome to bring any drinks or food of your own. The show starts at 4pm and will last until, well, who knows. I just have to have it closed down by midnight. Cars will be requested to show up 1hr ahead of time to register and park - that would be 3pm for registry. Also a great time to shine the car up get your bag chairs set and open up a nice cold beverage.

The location of the event is South 11th Street in Lafayette between the streets of State St. and Kossuth St. Vehicles included in the show will need to register off of Elliot Street and 10th St. Call for more instruction if necessary.