We are rolling! And what I've learned from that

People who know me (Alec) know that I tend to wear my stress on the front of my shirt. It can be spotted a mile away. Not that I’m mean or snap at people, just that when I’m stressed I tend to create more of a busy atmosphere around myself. Busy somehow in my mind correlates to productive. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The past month or two have been a bit, how do you say, nightmarish when it comes to planning out and executing tasks needing done at our renovation homes. Finding a good Drywaller was half the battle. Once we did, they delayed the project two weeks and when they did finally start, the put in one day and never showed back up. We were searching all over again for a new Drywaller. When we did find one, it took two weeks for them to start. As you can see, this pushes timelines back, delays contractors and puts our completion date way off.

But, contractors be damned, we finally have everyone on the same page and moving along fast. Here are a few tips I have for when sh*t hits the fan and you find yourself in a rut.

  1. Remember why you started in the first place - it’s easy to hang your head and imagine an easier life. Reality is that things aren’t easy and if you’re in the business of flipping homes because it’s “easy” then you’re definitely not flipping homes. Find a quiet place or something to do that helps you remember the reasons you started in the first place. For me, it’s standing quietly in the middle of the madness and seeing the homes for what they will be and not for what they are.

  2. Rally the troops - get all the contractors working on the home together at the same time. Let them know your worries and concerns. Tell them your expectations. Empower them to take initiative and make the project their own. It’s ok to be vulnerable in this instance because it shows the contractors you’re in need of help and they are the ones to help. Genuinely good people look to help others and if your contractors are good people, they will want to help.

  3. Get out of their way - Not too long ago, a very good friend and entrepreneurial mentor told me that if I feel like I’m the bottle neck in the renovation process then I most definitely am the bottleneck. Meaning, get the steps set up, confirm the contractors know what to do and when, then get out of the way and let them work. The worst thing that can happen is if people are waiting on you (me). A four man crew gets more work done in a day than one person #betyoudidn’tknowthat. So when it comes to being the bottleneck, don’t be.

Above all else, keep moving. Every day the house sits still and nothing is being done is money being thrown out the window. You owe it to yourself and any partner you work with to keep the ball rolling even if it’s smaller projects that take up time. Even if it’s a slow roll, keep moving forward!

Now go out there and change the neighborhood!