Tips to stay on your contractor's good side

Few things in life really get my goat, but one of them is a constantly messy job site. Don’t ask my wife, but I like to think for the most part that my work space is kept clean. I typically end each day by organizing my tools, putting things away and tying up loose ends. Yes, there are days I forget or have to run out before completing this project but most days I do try my hardest to get the job site clean. 

You may ask yourself, why would you keep the job site clean if it’s a house you’re tearing apart only to put back together? Well dumb dumb, here are a few reasons why you should end your day by cleaning up your work space.

  1. It makes your work more efficient – add up all the minutes it takes you tracking down the Phillip’s screwdriver or looking for your circular saw. Add them up and see how much time is waisted just scouring the job site for what you need and you’ll literally LOL. You’ll laugh because those minutes add to hours over a week or month and before you know it, time waisted leads to delayed completion dates. 
  2. You lose money in one way or another – Delayed completion dates lead to more money spent on utilities, interest on loans, payments to contractors. Not only that, a messy job site leads to lost tools, which means more money spent on things you’ve already bought before. 
  3. Contractors who despise you – ask 10 contractors and 9 of them will say they prefer a clean job site and organized project home to work in. Not only does this make your projects more enjoyable than others but it also distinguishes you from the other competition. You’d much rather have a room that is clean rather than messy, right? Contractors feel the same way. They too can work more efficiently, keep track of their supplies and complete jobs faster (thus saving you the ole’ mighty dollar). 

It’s also important to expect this of any contractor you work with. Some contractors come in with the understanding that they are working in your house and that by cleaning up their work after they are done leaves you, the customer, with a greater appreciation of their work. Many, however, don’t care about cleaning up after themselves and often leave the house more of a mess than when you found it. This is an easy fix. Just let them know your expectations right up front and have them commit to your standards before hiring them as the contractor. If you work with professional contractors who make this part of their standard, then you really won’t have to work hard at having them keep the home clean as well

It’s not rocket science nor is it a difficult task to complete. The only skill you need is diligence  that’s not even a skill. Just plan to end your day 30 minutes earlier and use that time to walk through each room with a broom and dustpan. Clean up loose debris and trash and put your tools in organized piles. Once you do that, step back and take a look at a clean project. You’ll breathe easier and be more excited to come back the next day to work.