Get to know the Classic Cottage in Wallace triangle

The Roaring Twenties. Prohibition was in full force. Large baseball stadiums were being created and the electric razor patent had been filed. Yes, some truly amazing things happened in the 1920's but none more exciting than the construction of Vicky the Victorian.

Spanning just a pinch under 1729 sq. ft., this mint chocolate chip home found life on the outskirts of Wallace Triangle in Lafayette. Tall ceilings, detailed trim and large front porch makes this home inviting to those walking to downtown Lafayette.


But as time will tell, this home will fall into disrepair. A family hit with health issues and economic downturn made it a home hard to keep up with. Water leaks and exterior soffit rot began to weather the home making it look exhausted.


Knowing that everyday it sits empty another part falls off the home. So since October of last year, we've been tracking down the owners of this home. Blessed with an incredible group of neighbors, we got a tip that this home will soon be going into foreclosure. We contacted a family member and offered to purchase the home prior to foreclosure, saving the owners the blemish on their credit reports. Unfortunately, we were too late. It went into foreclosure and was soon owned by a bank out of New York. Obviously, not knowing what they were getting on their books, they simply assumed the property and let it sit.

Fast forward to February. We finally got in touch with the right person who actually gave us the time of day. We emailed back an forth, haggled on price and finally came up with a solid number we both felt comfortable with. 

We've been planning out our kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, addition of bedrooms, addition of air condition, and so on and so forth. Our closing date is the first part of April and tear out will begin shortly afterwards. We are excited to bring this home back to it's former glory and show this area what a Roaring Twenties house really was like! With modern updates, of course.