Kitchen ideas without changing the layout

So we know the popular style of first floor kitchens are open floor plans. But, what happens when you're working in homes that were designed to close off rooms? This is the exact thought we have when we look at homes to renovate. For instance, Shady Creek Ranch was a no-brainer when it came to opening up the kitchen but with our Cottage on S. 10th St. it was a different story. Opening up the kitchen and striving to have the "open floor concept" would have taken away from the original character of the home. This is the case with many of the homes we work in. Take away character to open up the rooms or keep the character and incorporated style and design into the way the kitchen already looks? That, is the question.

Lets look at the new home on Kossuth St. most recently named MC Chip (Mint Chocolate Chip)


Above is the kitchen we've been graced with. From the point of view of where the picture is taken, is an open area most likely used as a breakfast nook. Right behind the fridge is a bathroom. We'll get to that at another time.

So, we have a long galley style kitchen. On the right side of the photo is stairs going to the basement. We obviously can't blow that wall out to open things up. The wall on the left side of the picture is an exterior wall. Goes without saying that we won't be moving that either. With the hand we've been dealt, here is a photo of our desired style. 


Now that we've got the general design down we can begin picking out products that support the style of the home. It's important to mirror the architectural style of the home with what you put inside the house. With the architectural cottage specific style being the focus of this home, we will pick out cabinets, tile, fixtures, even appliances that also mirror the cottage feel. Here are a few ideas we have so far. 


With a general plan of our kitchen design we can feel comfortable knowing it will be correct to the style of the home while giving it an updated fresh look. We are excited to get this project underway and look forward to seeing how we can get MC Chip resurrected.