100 Men Who Cook

Holy cow. The Heartland Concept was picked to have Alec Williams be 1 of 100 men who cook. Ok, you may wonder what that means but let me break it down for you - 100 men provide 500+ samples of their favorite dish to hundreds of people where the chefs dress up silly, provide great dishes and hustle for tips. All the tips collected go to the Willowstone Family Services, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services geared towards those who are affected by mental health issues. 


Why is this so important to The Heartland Concept? Well, Alec has been serving on the board of Willowstone Family services for over 2 years. He has seen what Willowstone does for the community on a daily basis and is proud to be a member of the organization. It's also a very big deal for Willowstone Family Services. Each year, 100 Men Who Cook choose just 2 organizations to partner with and this year, Willowstone Family Services is one of them. By bringing in tips and selling table sponsorships, Willowstone Family Services will be able to invest more money into the ongoing battle to provide services to those who need it regarding Mental Health solutions.

There are two ways you can be involved. 1) purchase a ticket and show up in person. Bring a date with you and have one heck of a night. I guarantee you will have some of the best food ever and you will not leave hungry. Or 2) follow the link below and donate a tip to your main man, Alec Williams. The goal is $350 so lets get started and make it happen!