We've been busy

It's been a while, folks. It's not that we don't want to write to you, updating you all on our progress. It's just that, well, we've been busy. Let me bring you up to speed. Ready?

  • We put a new roof on.

An by we, I mean this super amazing friend of ours, Ben Knodell. You see, this guy can out work and entire Army. In fact, he was once in the Army. They retired him because he completed all their work, ahead of schedule. In Ben's 26 years of life, he's most likely worked on a roof for 20 of those years. He is more comfortable standing 30 feet in the air, balancing on a roof line, with a Monster drink in one hand a roofing shovel in the other. He hauls roofing squares up ladders faster than you can walk stairs. He is, the most amazing roofer in the world. But, enough about this guy, lets get to the roof.

Our initial thought behind the roof was to mix industrial metal with classic asphalt shingles. After further review of the valley's and transition points, the roofers decided it wasn't possible. We ended up having to shingle the entire roof. Although our initial design would have enhanced something typically not thought of much but we decided to go the traditional route and shingle everything. After tearing up the existing shingle roof, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the wood was intact and protected well. On the backside of the house is a flat part that needed repaired, but this was expected and accounted for early on. Once Ben and I (Alec) tore off the old shingles and peeped the wood, Sunset to Sunrise Roofing Company made quick work of laying the shingles. The result is a newly roofed 1886 home that should last another 30+ years.

  • Front porch redesign

Big change. Huuuge. The screened in front porch acted as a 1 way mirror. You could see out just fine. But people couldn't see in. Kinda of creepy, right? Well in order to bring back the front porch, we tore off the screen and added a railing. We are pretty excited to see the new look and experience some front porch sittin'!

  • Stairway Board and Batten

We decided to run the board and batten from the living room up the stairs. It was a challenge to get these stairs to work with the rest of the house. So, in efforts to bring appeal to the steep stairs and deep plaster stamping, we carried forward the living room design. The top railing doubled as a handrail which actually creates more space. Double win.

This may have caught you up to speed on where we are at but there is still a ways to go! Keep on the look out for more information regarding the renovation and a sneak peak into our next adventure!