Why we are here in the first place

I'm not sure if we ever expressed the reason my wife and I started to renovate homes in Lafayette. We saw so many homes being neglected. For one reason or another, the property continued to wear from weather or sheer inability to update. There was a void that needed filled. We made the promise to each other and those who follow us that we will be open and transparent with each of you. It will not be the highlights from HGTV that make you think flipping a home was some 1 hour long, easy as pie process. It will make you constantly worry and keep your stress levels high. Oh, and I'm having a kid in a few months so I'm sure things will calm down... But, as I've said before; at the end of the day, we get to step back and see a house turned into a home it can be one of the most gratifying jobs I've ever had.

What we didn't expect was the constant set backs from those we counted on to help with repairs. Let me preface by saying we are still learning the routine of remodeling homes to resell including organization, scheduling, keeping subcontractors on a tight time-line and then ultimately holding them accountable. 

So, with that said, the Shady Creek Project has been a bear to handle from an organizational standpoint. Our roofer repaired the roof in the rain - after being told not too. He flooded our first floor ceiling and caused significant damage. This company has yet to be located to recoup these damages. Our landscaper worked out for a bit but when the job got too much for him, he split with the money. Our primary contractor took on multiple jobs making my job the least important. 

I'm not saying this to bitch or complain, I'm telling you this to be open and transparent. Because, as of Tuesday, I was having one of those days it would be easy to sit down and stress over everything needing done. Thats when I received a knock on the door. Mike Wang, a friend of ours from CrossFit had called in a favor. Since he originally recommended the landscaper he felt responsible for what that person did to us. He called a friend with a bobcat that made quick work of all the left over jobs the landscaper never finished. I'm not a person that asks for help often and the fact that Mike moved mountains to get me what I needed the most at that time was emotional and humbling. In 15 minutes Mike and his friend busted their butts to finish the work. And, in the process unearthed some pretty amazing rocks for our finished landscaping (see pictures below).

People like Mike and his friend are what allow us to trust again. They provide comfort in knowing that good people are still out there. It recharged my batteries for this project and showed me that there are people who believe in what we are doing at the Heartland Concept. 

It's these kind of people that make the Midwest and specifically Lafayette Indiana a place we are happy to invest resources in and make a better place.