Paint. The hardest decision of your life.

It’s been another week, and we’ve made progress on the home! Although the type of progress is not something that’s easily shown in pictures, it will make all the difference in the world when it comes to resale. We’ve been caulking and painting trim! There was no doubt when we purchased the home updates were necessary to items like the roof, windows, the bathroom, etc. However, when it came to the details of paint selection and freshening up the space, we could have easily “put some lipstick on the pig” and slapped paint up on the walls. Nonetheless, if you knew my husband, you’d know that would never work for him! When we do something, it has to be done right. I love that about him, but it’s also hard for my “I want it all done right now” personality to see the benefit of spending hours on patching seams, caulking corners, and spending the time to paint the trim in all areas including attic closet spaces. The upstairs now has new ceilings, caulk and freshly painted trim, so tomorrow we begin painting the walls! I’m excited for this step and to see the transformation of the space. Picking paint colors for an entire home can be daunting. So I’d like to provide you with some tips that I used during this selection process.

Picking Paint Colors

  1. Let the house tell the story. At first glance, what type of house style is your home? While walking our dog around the neighborhood I always admired the warm cozy cottage feel I thought this house had. Now that it’s ours, I wanted to stay true to the original feel. I knew I wanted the home to feel fresh and inviting, so for me that meant warm, light, neutrals were the right color palette. 
  2. Buy samples. Samples are this girl’s best friend! I browsed online for hours and hours at paint colors. I thought I had everything selected and ready to go. I decided to get a paint sample for the overall house color, and once I put it on the wall in three rooms, I realized it was not at all what I wanted. The color felt too dark, and with the current floor plan, it would’ve made the rooms feel small. So back to the store I went. After buying a few more shades I landed on a color that hit all the right tones for me. 
  3. Pick a brand. In the past I’d find a color I liked, and I wouldn’t pay much attention to the brand of the paint. However, with the last two houses I’ve stuck with the same brand (this house I selected all Benjamin Moore colors) and I feel it’s made the house colors really balance each other. If you visit their websites, they’ve already done half the work for you by having look books with complimentary colors. If you want variations in colors between rooms, browsing the look books is a great place to start!
  4. Lighting. The one item that can be easily overlooked, but makes a huge difference is lighting. Another reason why #2 is so important. Depending on what type of lighting you have in each room, will determine how the color looks. Natural daylight shows the truest color; Incandescent lighting brings out warm tones and yellows; Fluorescent lighting casts a sharp blue tone. We’re in the process of changing out light fixtures as well, so I made sure to take the new lighting plan into consideration when picking the paint. 

Our colors: