The Details

My wife and I have always been interested in the real estate market. Not for the money but for the fact that each time we took a walk down the street we continued to see homes fall further into a depression. Families that fell on hard times and couldn't keep up with home repairs, homes inherited from relatives who passed away, or simply foreclosures or abandoned homes. All these situations have a common denominator; a home in disrepair needing rejuvenation. 

So, around a year ago we were walking our pooch down the street and noticed a home for sale. Although out dated, the house seemed to be in good condition. We looked at the price and realized it was way outside our budget. Fast forward 298 days, the home is still on the market with a price closer to what it was actually worth. We called up some real estate friends of ours, looked at the house and submitted an offer based on what we thought it was worth. After negotiating a price, then a blatant "NO" from the seller, we received a call a few hours later saying that the seller has accepted the offer. Although excited, we were also scared. We had committed to this gem below and had no idea what to expect next.

This home has a build date from 1868. Which if you're not aware, is over 148 years old. Thats pretty old, even in Lafayette. It's part of the Wallace Triangle neighborhood which is up historic 9th Street Hill and a block off of Highland Park. Both of which are beautiful and established neighborhoods. Our plan is to open up the living area, remodel one bathroom, add another bathroom, replace the roof, take out a chimney, reroute plumbing, electrical and HVAC, replace windows and restore the original hardwood flooring; all before April.

We gained possession on Dec. 6th and began demolition that night. Although we have a long way to go, we are very excited to get our hands dirty and begin this project.