Bathroom Demo

RIP - Teal Jacuzzi Tub

RIP - Teal Jacuzzi Tub

This week we lost something very special. It was a safe haven for a family; a place of solitude. It mended sore muscles, soothed the skin and provided respite in a time that was stressful. I'm talking about the Teal Jacuzzi Tub.

Now if we lose followers over this decision, just know that we donated it to Habitat over on Fortune drive. Feel free to go rescue it.

This week was full of smashing and breaking, and we loved every minute of it! In order to keep costs low, we wanted to demo the master bathroom and the closet where our second bathroom will be created. There were two main reasons for doing it ourselves. 1) we wanted to keep costs low and this was something we could do without causing lot of mistakes. And, 2) it was a way to learn. Since this is new to us, we want to learn each step in the process. From the best way to tear out dry wall to learning how the previous owners ran electrical wiring and coax cable.... lots of coax cable. 

We started in the master closet. It originally had 2 sliding mirror doors, lighting and this decorative wood paneling. I'm sure it served it's purpose at one point but it will be utilized for a second bathroom making this space much more practical. We started by tearing up the carpet, then wood paneling. We were both pleasantly surprised to see that the sub flooring was intact without rot. The wood paneling came off easily as well but the dry wall behind it had slight moister damage. No issues since that was coming out anyways. We then turned attention to the framing of the doors. They had built it pretty solid making it fairly difficult to get out of there. A few cuts with the sawzall and smack of the sledge and they came down. This is when we were able to see the true footprint of the room. Much larger than we anticipated, we may have to make some adjustments on our vanity to fit the space more (we may have purchased one smaller than the space could allow). 

Then we moved over to the master suite. We started by swinging a hammer and seeing what came out the easiest. Unfortunately, nothing came out easy. The header with two canned lights was built to withstand Category 5 tornados, the carpeted stairs leading up the the jacuzzi (yes, carpeted stairs) were constructed with 4-2x6's on each stair, and the mesh-backed teal tile came out with the entire concrete board attached to it. Still, with just Kenna and myself doing all the demo, we were able to get everything out of the bathroom and on the trash heap. My lady may be tiny, but she sure is mighty!

It took a full day to get the whole bathroom torn out and a blank canvas. Once again, we could start to visualize what the final product will be.