Scratching our heads

As you walk into this home you're greeted by a family room with a gas burning fireplace, small sconce lighting and just a peak through to the living room and kitchen. In a world where "open concept" is used as regularly as "I" and "want" we realized the large 4' curved archway passthrough was going to need to go. We started scratching our heads wondering what was behind those walls, why was it there and for what purpose would we need to keep it.

All we knew is that to get this space where we wanted it, flowing nicely between the living room and the dinning room, we needed to make major adjustments to this area. The chimney is running 3 feet inside the wall through the middle of the house and it's only being used to vent the water heater which could easily be direct vented out the side of the house. Eliminating the chimney would surely give us enough room to tear out this wall and expand our downstairs. It would expand the living area by about 16 sq. ft. but would completely change the flow as you walked into the house.

Before you say anything about the "built in cabinet", it isn't original to the house and was added when they put the HVAC in for heating on the second floor. Although it was pretty, it was also in our way and needed to go. 

We then ran into the HVAC you'll see in the picture on the right. With experienced professionals coming over to tell us what our options are, we feel that the best way to reach our goal will be to rerun the HVAC against the wall, build a small frame around the HVAC, drywall and blend into the two rooms. At least this is what we are going for at the moment. 

We begin demo this next week on this area and will be sure to post updated pictures.