A special thanks

Before getting too involved in the details of this project, my wife and I want to thank a lot of people for assisting us through this journey. See, we have a tremendous network of friends and family in Lafayette that has made setting up roots here much easier. Kenna and I have been doing something called CrossFit for a long time now and were blessed with an awesome CrossFit Box (yeah thats what we call "gyms") - CrossFit Uncommon. It has over 125 members all of which we are proud to call family. This is where we've gained valuable relationships, grown relationships, and consider all to be our family. I tell you this because it's amazing to sit back and see that through what started out to be a hobby and to get healthier has turned into people strategically placed in our lives to further our mission of rehabbing homes throughout Lafayette.

For instance;

  • Our realtors through The Russell Team, Adam and Stephanie Kurtz - CrossFit friends.
  • Rob Roseboom, lending specialist at PEFCU - CrossFit friend.
  • Ted Thonn, electrician - CrossFit friend.
  • Pete & Crystal Deiwert, Insurance guru - CrossFit friend
  • Ben Knodell, roofing expert - CrossFrit friend
  • Steve Hruska and John Nagy, contractor assistance - CrossFit friends

The list could go on and on but the truth is, through this cult like athletic following called CrossFit, we've been able to lean on the most upstanding individuals to guide us and encourage us along the way. For that, we thank you all!

CrossFit Uncommon

CrossFit Uncommon

Aside from our network through CrossFit we want to also thank others who have offered assistance, advice and support throughout this journey. We are people of faith and as the old Proverb suggests, "seek higher council". We've done just that and are blessed to have knowledgable people we look up to guiding us through this next chapter.

Of course, we have to thank our family. For without their encouragement and entertaining our crazy ideas, we wouldn't be pushed to pursue our dreams.