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Looking to buy a home or investment property?

It's easy to watch HGTV and see people renovating homes for a high profit. Reality is, they don't pay for materials, or their labor isn't factored in, or the property was donated. But whatever the situation is, it's not real life. Homes cost more than expected and labor, if you can find the right person, is based on multiple factors. Cool ideas cost twice as much as practical ones. It can be a head ache. Until now. 

The Heartland Concept and Beacon Real Estate Services is a brokerage company catering to those looking for investment properties. We are able to use the tools we have relied on to valuate homes for purchase and then estimate costs of any rehab. We can not only show and brokerage properties but provide valuable insight in to what changes need performed to increase the income to you, the property owner.

What we offer:

  • Full service brokerage company with the ability to buy and sell homes in Indiana

  • Investment minded brokers able to valuate homes for purchase and show the return

  • Forecasting cashflow, expenses, and profit

Looking to sell your home or Investment property?

Glad you've landed on this page. Those looking to sell their home for cash have an advantage when working with The Heartland Concept. We are able to purchase properties quickly without the bureaucratic red tape. And, by partnering with our investor network, we're able to get top dollar for the perfect property. The Heartland Concept has already created a valuable network of investors by helping them build their wealth through real estate purchases. Our network extends deep into the real estate market making it possible for investors to make educated decisions on the purchase of homes.

We created the company to provide the seller and investor with a full continuum of services. From prospecting potential buys to helping renovate and sell, we offer the whole kitten-kabuddle. Want to talk more about The Heartland Concept and how we can build you wealth? Drop us a line and lets schedule a time to chat. Although I must warn you, our meetings typically take place over a cold brew. 

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Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
— Warren Buffet, Head Honcho